Arrow Season 7 Character Breakdowns Hint At Batwoman’s Arrival


At long last, one of the Bat-family is coming to the Arrowverse!

Next season’s big four-way crossover between The CW’s four DC shows will introduce Gotham City and one of its heroes, Kate Kane AKA Batwoman, into the Arrowverse for the very first time. The announcement was made earlier this year but, obviously, plot details and the like were kept under wraps.

However, we now have some new character breakdowns which hint that we may be meeting the heroine a lot sooner than we thought. We all figured our first glimpse of her would be in the crossover, but That Hashtag Show has now revealed breakdowns for three new recurring characters who’ll debut in season 7, and the last one certainly sounds like it’s describing Kate Kane.

Dover: A male in his 30-40s who is teased as a physically intimidating player. Even though he may not be the brightest person in the room, anyone who is in his presence will feel incredibly small.

Leah: A 30-something woman who is a world-class mercenary who was born to be a leader. Don’t mess with this one because once you see what “Leah” has in her toolbox of skills, you will see why those are known across the world.

Angeline: A diverse woman in her 30s, she is a fierce fighter despite of her smaller stature. Not only is she experienced in stealth, “Angeline” is able to wipe out buildings filled with foes all by herself before she is gone like a ghost. It will be made very clear that “Angeline” thinks incredibly highly of her work.

Now, it’s entirely possible that this Angeline is simply an original character, or maybe even another DC comics hero who’s coming to the show. But fans will know that that description sounds an awful lot like Batwoman. Not to mention that it’d make sense to introduce her in Arrow ahead of the crossover, so viewers get to know Kate a little bit before she really makes her presence felt in the Arrowverse.

For now, this is all just speculation, but with Comic-Con right around the corner and ArrowThe FlashSupergirl and Legends of Tomorrow all expected to have a big presence there, we should learn more about Batwoman’s involvement in the franchise soon enough.