Arrow Review: “Seeing Red” (Season 2, Episode 20)


Seeing Red

Meanwhile, the Moira storyline was the big focus, and the most successful one of the episode. She is struggling with juggling her political campaign with her personal life, losing her focus as Thea falls farther out of reach, and even seriously considers dropping out of the race. The writers really hammer home the fact that every decision she’s made, good or bad, has been for the love of her family, and I’m grateful that we got to spend so much time with her this episode. She’s come a long way since season 1, and I’m honestly sad to see her go. Later Oliver does his best to talk her out of leaving the mayoral campaign, and gives her some line about how he knows what it’s like to make sacrifices for the better of the city. Then, she reveals…

That she knows Oliver is the Arrow! Wow. I did not see this coming. I always had a sneaking suspicion that she knew, but absolutely love the way the reveal was handled. When she first says, “I know,” I thought it was a small play on words on the writer’s part, then she repeats the line several times and all becomes clear. She’s known since “The Undertaking” last year, which is frankly a huge relief. She would have to have been a complete idiot not to suspect that something was up, especially with each “motorcycle accident” Oliver’s had since his return from the island. When she holds his hands, and tells him that she’s proud of him, I actually got shivers. He really needed that moment, because no one has quite reacted that way when they found out his secret.

What really impressed me this week was how well everything came full circle: Sebastian Blood’s role opposite Moira Queen, Sin’s involvement in the search for Roy, and the doctor who thanks The Arrow for stopping the Triad earlier this season and allowing medical supplies back into the city. Sara even drops a Ra’s Al Ghul hint (“I stared into the eyes of The Demon”). This all helped give the universe in which the show exists a very realized feel. The journey Oliver has been through thus far has not come without consequences or even positive repercussions, and the writers have done a fabulous job with maintaining the show’s continuity, both laying the groundwork for a wider universe and exploring it week after week.

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