Arrow May Have Spoiled An Upcoming Episode Of The Flash


We’re used to the Arrowverse colliding in the annual big crossover, but it’s always a nice surprise for fans when the shows blend together in smaller ways during regular episodes. For instance, Arrow 7×13, titled “Star City Slayer,” recently saw a cameo from The Flash‘s Captain Singh. As the Central City cop isn’t a major character, we didn’t expect his role to convey any notable spoilers, but actually he might have spoiled the ending of an upcoming installment of Arrow‘s sister show.

While speaking on the phone to Dinah Drake – teasing a Batman villain in the process – Singh mentioned an incident that had left many of his best officers in the hospital. Apparently, the attack on the CCPD was committed by a “new metahuman freak” that was subsequently taken care of by Team Flash. And that’s all the information we were given. You might assume, then, that this references a recent episode of The Flash, but what Singh says doesn’t match any installment of late.

Of course, it could be a nod to some unseen adventure. The STAR Labs’ gang must have other foes to fight on other days apart from Tuesday, after all. Singh’s details are generic enough that it almost sounds like a spoof Flash plot, but given how interconnected the Arrowverse is, we can see this being a piece of foreshadowing to an episode that’s yet to air. Perhaps it was intended for the installments to air relatively close together but The Flash‘s current break has put a spanner in the works?

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Singh’s Arrow cameo wasn’t talking about the next Flash episode. That’s because that one will be “King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd” which, as the title suggests, will not be about a new metahuman freak but rather, a battle between the two feral foes. Nothing’s been confirmed about the following episode, however, so it’s possible that could be the one being foreshadowed.

In any case, we’ll have to keep watching to find out and if you haven’t marked it down yet, know that Arrow returns on March 4th and The Flash is back the very next day, on March 5th.