Arrow’s Colton Haynes Thanks Fans For Watching Following Cancellation


Yesterday brought sorry news for DC TV fans. Arrow, the daddy of The CW’s ever-growing shared superhero universe, is ending this fall following an eighth season of reduced length. Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell, broke the news on Twitter and since then, the rest of the cast and crew have responded to the official announcement with their own farewell messages to the fans.

Colton Haynes, for instance, took the time to express his sadness at the news but also thanked those who’ve followed the show diligently ever since the playboy-turned-archer returned to Star(ling) City back in 2012’s pilot. Haynes described it as a “blessing” to be part of the series and said it had been a “beautiful journey” to the end of the line.

And Haynes should know, as he’s been with the show, on and off, since its first season. As Roy Harper AKA Arsenal, one of Ollie’s loyal sidekicks, Haynes had a major presence up until he left the regular cast in season 4. He then made a temporary comeback in season 6 before playing a recurring role in the flash-forwards in the currently unfolding seventh season.

The actor doesn’t confirm whether he’ll be part of the 10-episode season 8 or not, but it seems likely that he will be. At the very least, his role as the mentor of William, Ollie’s son, in the future-set storyline will presumably continue. It would also be great to see him interact with the rest of Team Arrow in the present day as well.

It’s too early to theorize about the contents of season 8, though, seeing as we still have the rest of Arrow season 7 to go. The only thing we’re pretty sure of is that the Green Arrow will face a heroic death in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event. So we’d better make the most of the Emerald Archer still being on our screens while we can.

Source: Twitter