Arrow Star Stephen Amell Teases Planned Four Night DC TV Crossover


The fourth season of Arrow was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, so everyone is now hoping that the show’s fifth year will be a big improvement on the previous two. Something which is sure to help will be this winter’s crossover, an event which looks set to extend from being just about Arrow and The Flash to incorporating Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

Talking before that blockbuster Superman announcement earlier today (which has left everyone wondering whether or not the Man of Steel will factor into this crossover), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star Stephen Amell appeared at Wizard World Philadephia and said the following about what we should expect from seeing Green Arrow meeting up with so many other heroes.

“I think what we’ll end up seeing is one giant four-night crossover. How we’re going to end up doing that…I don’t know. But this is kind of an unprecedented moment in terms of the history of network television. To have four shows, same showrunner. Obviously Supergirl is in a little bit of a different universe, but we can fix that. That’s one line of dialogue and it’s all fixed. So I would suspect Oliver will be meeting Supergirl at some point.”

How exactly this crossover is going to address the fact that Supergirl exists in a different universe to characters like Green Arrow and The Flash is a lingering question unlikely to be answered until later this year, but considering the fact that Barry Allen has made a habit of hopping between dimensions, there’s no doubt a clever enough solution there for The CW to dream up.

A four night event like this promises to be huge and a real treat for DC fans, and with any luck, more details will be revealed when the cast of Arrow and all of these other shows appear at Comic-Con this summer.