New Arrow Synopsis Teases Shifting Allegiances


In the past, I’ve likened the current season of Arrow to pro wrestling, due to its emphasis on factions and their splitting. Already, we’ve seen the team fracture down the center, with the newbies and old guard going about their separate ways. Of course, Diggle going off and doing his own thing doesn’t help matters, as Oliver Queen seems alone now more than ever.

Strengthening my allegory will be April 26th’s episode, which is titled “Shifting Allegiances.”Of course, there’s no way to pin down exactly how that portentous term will be applied, but the newly surfaced synopsis provides a few hints:

Oliver turns to an old friend to help battle Diaz; Rene is out of the hospital but has a hard time readjusting to life as Wild Dog; Lance discovers something shocking about Black Siren.

Arrow season 6

Having read that, “Shifting Allegiances” could be referring to anything from someone like Wild Dog or Mr. Terrific finding their way back to Oliver’s mission, or it may have something to do with Black Siren. To say that Earth-2’s Laurel Lance is duplicitous is an understatement, as it’s hard to tell if she’s loyal to her “father” in Quentin or Ricardo Diaz. Right now, it looks like she’s having a hard time choosing between the two, so maybe this episode will serve as a turning point of sorts.

We also can’t help but ponder who Oliver’s “old friend” will end up being, but we’re ready to assume that it won’t be Roy Harper. Yes, Colton Haynes may be on as a series regular for season 7, but odds are he’s done for the spring. Still, the Emerald Archer has met a lot of people in his travels, so we’re just as intrigued as any of you to find out whom it may be.

Arrow airs on Thursday nights on The CW.