Arrow’s David Ramsey Hypes Up Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover


To say that the 2019-20 broadcast season will be huge for the Arrowverse is a massive understatement. I mean, not only is Arrow itself slated to end after a truncated 10-episode affair, but it’s all but confirmed that Batwoman will headline a series of her own. And if that weren’t enough, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” drops this fall, and will likely wind up being the biggest and most ambitious crossover event yet.

If you were to ask me, “Crisis” and Arrow‘s eighth and final season will go hand in hand. The reason I say that is because Arrow‘s ninth episode will probably fall during the crossover, and that’s where many fans believe Oliver Queen will meet his demise. If that’s the case, then the series finale could serve as an epilogue/memorial for the Emerald Archer.

While recently speaking with, actor David Ramsey did his part in getting us all excited by discussing several points just mentioned:

“It’s bittersweet, right? You do a show and you play a character for this long, and you’ve established these relationships with the actors. That’s the thing you’ll miss the most — going to work and working with these people who you love. But also, sitting back and just seeing where the story has gone, and the opportunity for where the story can go in the following ten episodes, is exciting. It’s bitter because you know it’s going to come to an end, but also I think there’s an opportunity to take the gloves off and just kind of tell whatever stories you want to, and just go wherever you want.”

He continued by asking questions on everyone’s mind:

“Where do things go now without Felicity? What happens in the future? What happens with The Monitor? All these stories that we can really tell, and go as big as we want. And this crossover is going to be huge. That type of opportunity to tell some stories, because you only have ten episodes left is exciting.”

It’s kind of funny that he mentioned the Monitor because, as you may have seen, that fella was spotted on the set while Arrow‘s seventh season finale was being filmed. Like I said, everything seems to be intertwined going forward, so it’d be wise not to miss a single episode from here on out.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.