Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards Wants To Guest Star On Supergirl


One thing that makes a shared continuity such as the Arrowverse so wonderful is that not only does it yield those massive multi-series crossovers each fall like Crisis on Earth-X – or the upcoming one set to introduce Batwoman – but it means there’s also room for intermingling here and there on a smaller scale. Thus, you may see characters from Arrow making guest appearances on The Flash and vice versa.

Funny enough, Felicity Smoak has had the privilege of doing this on several occasions, as she’s stopped by Central City for various reasons of the course of the past few years. But one place she’s yet to cross off her bucket list is that of Earth-38, which, as you may be aware, is the designate Supergirl calls home.

Well, if actress Emily Bett Rickards were to have her way, that’ll change before long, as she recently said the following when appearing on BUILD Series:

“I think, yeah, I think that that is definitely a possibility, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. We’ve sort of broken all the rules that sort of make it not a possibility, so I feel like we should do that, and I think that it would be my preferred show to crossover to in general because it’s Supergirl.”

To be honest, it would be interesting to see Felicity interacting with the likes of Winn Schott and, likewise, having all that tech residing at the DEO at her disposal. Who knows, maybe something like this will end up occurring in that Batwoman-centric mashup we mentioned earlier? As long as it’s not another damn musical, I’ll be happy.

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.

Source: BUILD Series