Arrow’s Final Scene Will Be Very Difficult To Film

Arrow season 8

Although I’m sure every fan has an idea in their head about how Arrow should conclude, my gut tells me we’ll all be surprised come 2020. In a way, season 7’s finale, “You Have Saved This City,” capped off Oliver Queen’s original mission, so the sky’s the limit now that we’re taking a science fiction turn because of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

From the sound of it, series co-creator and current consulting producer Marc Guggenheim will have a hand in crafting the series finale, which I find to be entirely appropriate. While speaking with TV Line at the recent TCA press event, the mastermind himself revealed how the climactic scene dawned on him, saying:

“I came out of meditation one morning and I had the whole last scene — and it’s a brand-new scene.

“There are a lot of logistical hurdles that have to be crossed in order to shoot that scene. It’s not like we can just film it tomorrow.”

If I had to wager an educated guess, this dream scene could involve a specific location, a complicated visual effects shot, a guest star who may be otherwise engaged, or a combination of all three. Still, Guggenheim isn’t painting himself into a corner, as he also revealed this:

“The thing that I’ve sort of always told myself about the finale was that I wouldn’t be so rigid about my plan that I wouldn’t leave myself open to other ideas. Had I not left myself open, I wouldn’t have written the scene I wrote, which I really, really like.”

Should the plan have to diverge, Guggenheim will still give up the goods in some form, as he Tweeted out the following:

“If we can’t make this work, I’ll post the script pages on the night of the finale. But I hope we get to put it to camera.”

Okay, now I’m really curious. Considering how the Arrowverse has adapted so many concepts to live action that not even DC movies have been able to do, I can’t help wondering what this guy has cooked up. Still, there are budgeting constraints and whatnot, so we can’t be too sure of what’s getting in the way.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.