Arrow’s Katrina Law Wants Nyssa To Make Out With Felicity


When it comes to the dating pool, there are those of us who prefer not to keep the circle small. Call me crazy, but I’d rather not get involved with anyone who had previously been involved with my friends or family. But in the land of television, we often see the same half-dozen people or so intermingle in a variety of combinations.

Of course, Arrow hasn’t been immune to this trope, even if there are millions of people in Star City to choose from. Perhaps someone should’ve clarified that the phrase is “there are plenty of fish in the sea,” as opposed to “there are plenty of fish in the bunker”?

So, with Oliver Queen already having made his way through both Laurel and Sara Lance (I’m really not ruling out him going for the hat trick with Earth-2 Laurel somewhere down the road) before ultimately marrying Felicity Smoak, we can’t forget the Emerald Archer was previously married to Nyssa al Ghul, even if it was essentially a sham. And what’s more is that Nyssa also had a thing with Sara in years prior!

Arrow Nyssa Felicity

Well, if Katrina Law gets her wish, she’ll get to complete the love square (triangles are so 20th century) by having her character Nyssa locking lips with Felicity. Here’s what she had to say when asked what she’d like Ms. al Ghul to do in season 7, followed by reactions from other cast members:

Katrina: “I think Nyssa should make out with Felicity.”

Juliana Harkavy: “Me too.”

Katie Cassidy: “I mean, I think everyone should make out with Felicity.”

Katrina: “Oh my gosh! What a great storyline.”

Truth be told, anything can happen in the coming year, but there’s no guarantee this’ll actually come to fruition unless somebody like Axel Braun is brought aboard to write and direct an episode. If you require something to hold you over, though, know that Nyssa and Felicity fan fiction was one of the top hits on Google when I had to search for images to accompany this article, so maybe that’ll tickle your fancy.

In all seriousness, Katrina Law is known to have quite the sense of humor, something I can attest to having met her in person a couple years back. That said, it’s highly recommended you attend a panel of hers or wait in line for a picture, as she’s one of the kindest, most personable celebrities you’ll ever meet.

Getting back to Arrow itself, though, don’t forget to check out the season finale this Thursday night on The CW.

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