Arrow’s Stephen Amell Reveals The One MCU Character He’d Want To Play


Stephen Amell’s time playing Oliver Queen is almost up, with The CW’s Arrow coming to an end after its eighth season this year. So, what’s next for the actor? Well, it sounds like he’s not interested in playing any more superheroes, but if he got the chance he’d like to be a supervillain instead. Maybe even the biggest, baddest supervillain around right now: the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

While attending Fan Expo Boston, one person asked the Arrow star which Marvel character he’d play if he had to pick one. As you can see in the video above, the actor takes a minute to respond before giving a one word answer: “Thanos.” There’s then a rumbling of laughter from the crowd, as some think Amell’s giving a joke answer. “People think I’m kidding,” he continues. “I’m not kidding.”

No, he’s not. Obviously, this kind of question is one of the go-to things fans ask comic book actors at conventions, so Amell has tackled it several times before. Typically, he’ll go for a villain instead of another hero, making it plain that he’d like to stretch his acting muscles a little bit after Arrow and prove that he can be more than the Emerald Archer.

Obviously, there’s not really an opening to play Thanos on the big screen, with Josh Brolin being universally praised as the character, but Amell does actually have the voice for the villain. Maybe he could portray him in some kind of animated or video game appearance, then? Even if he was only half-serious here, he might have started something.

Stephen Amell is currently busy filming Arrow season 8, with three episodes already in the can and seven more to go. But tell us, who would you like to see the star play in the Marvel universe? Share your picks in the comments section down below.