Arrow’s Stephen Amell Reveals Which DC Villain He’d Like To Play

Anyone who’s long been familiar with DC TV knows that whenever an actor has played a certain iconic character, they may find themselves employed for life. Some prime examples of this are folks such as Dean Cain, Helen Slater, Sam Witwer and John Wesley Shipp, each of which have found happy homes in the Arrowverse more recently. Really, the actual list goes on and on – especially if we were to discuss voice acting.

At the time of this writing, we’re anticipating Stephen Amell’s tenure as the Green Arrow to come to an end with his show’s eighth and final season. Still, a return to the character can’t be dismissed because we can’t rule out him taking part in a future crossover as a doppelganger, or even as the Oliver Queen we know and love during a flashback or something. Hey, even the man himself is open to the possibility.

So, even if 2019 marks Amell’s final appearance as the Emerald Archer, the door is open for him to renew his relationship with DC somewhere down the line. While speaking at MCM London Comic Con, he revealed that he’d play someone else, but there’s a condition:

“I’d like to play a villain. If I’m going to play a DC character again, it has to be a villain. I like villains.”

Thankfully, no room for speculation was left, as Stephen followed that up with this:

“General Zod. I watched Superman II with my kid the other day, and it was the best.”

If that were to happen, it’d definitely have to be years from now, as General Zod is currently being played by Arrow alum Colin Salmon over on SyFy’s Krypton. Regardless, I think it’s cool to ponder the possibility, whether it be in live action or in animation.

On a related note, my greatest regret about Arrow is that Smallville‘s Oliver Queen, Justin Hartley, never showed up for a guest role. I never cared if he’d be a hero or villain – I just wanted him to share the screen with his successor. Who knows, maybe Amell will one day appear on another show headlined by Star City’s protector? That’d be awesome, in my opinion.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.