Arrow’s Stephen Amell Reveals His Favorite Supporting Character And Villain


Considering that Arrow‘s impressive run will soon end with its eighth and final season, I’m sure pretty much everybody will be doing their share of reflection as the series finale draws near. During the first seven seasons, we’d been introduced to so many heroes and villains, not to mention the Arrowverse itself growing out of this beast that proved to be very different from Smallville.

If anyone is primed to lend their own retrospectives, it’s certainly Stephen Amell, because he’s been a part of this whole thing since the beginning. In fact, he was asked at MCM London Comic Con who his favorite supporting character and villain were, and he answered with Tommy Merlyn and Prometheus.

To me, Tommy Merlyn comes as somewhat of a surprise because he died at the end of the first season. But then again, that helped shaped Oliver Queen into the hero he’d become. Plus, actor Colin Donnell has reprised the role a few time since as a hallucination and even as Prometheus-X.

Speaking of the Prometheus guise, here’s what Amell had to say about the big bad who originally adopted that name, Adrian Chase, at a convention in 2018:

“I’m very partial to Josh’s portrayal of Adrian Chase. I just think that that was a very personal thing and just, you know, Prometheus much like in the way that David Ramsey created Diggle, Josh created Prometheus. A lot of that stuff he had to arc out for himself. I thought that he brought the best out of me and hopefully I brought the best out of him. I just thought that the way that that storyline wrapped up I thought that that made it the best.”

If you’re going to split hairs with Stephen over his comment saying Josh Segarra created Prometheus, then it should be pointed out that the TV villain shared only a name with his DC Comics counterpart. Beyond that, the actor, writers, and costuming department really did their own thing.

Tell us, who were some of your favorites from Arrow? When it comes to a supporting character, I’d have to go with either John Diggle or Laurel Lance. As for a villain, I’m partial to Deathstroke. Be sure to let us know your picks in the comments section below, though.