Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teases Oliver-Centric Episode To Come


If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of Arrow, then you may make the argument that it feels like a true ensemble show now more than ever. In fact, the title card at the top of each episode these days also showcases logos for the likes of Black Canary, Spartan, Wild Dog and others.

Still, it’s important that the series not lose its primary focus on its central character, that being Oliver Queen AKA the Green Arrow. And judging by what lead actor Stephen Amell had to say in a recent Facebook Live video, well, longtime fans should be satisfied with what one of this season’s latter episodes will bring:

“Putting the starting touches on episode 618 after putting the finishing touches on episode 617 directed by my good buddy Mark Bunting who I felt incredibly fortunate, more fortunate than usual to work with one David Paul Ramsey. We’re also on 618 getting into a super old-school episode where I don’t know since maybe season 1 or season 2 where I’ve been in the percentage of the episode that I’m in, like 90…I think there are like 55 scenes and I’m in 52 of them.”

Now, it’ll probably be some time before we know more specifics regarding what he’s talking about, but we’ll ask you to recall recent news pointing toward what directions season 6 may go. Don’t forget, we have fan favorite Colton Haynes returning as Roy Harper soon enough, and there’s also the matter of this shadowy Thanatos Guild that’ll have to be dealt with before long.

Factoring all that into how Team Arrow has been fractured as of late, and that may add up to the writers feeling they may have to put together a rather introspective episode for Oliver. Or, the looming threat of the Thanatos Guild could have everything to do with this, perhaps charting the course for the remainder of season 6. Time will tell, but color us intrigued.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Thursday, March 1st on The CW.