Arrow’s Stephen Amell Thinks Oliver And Thanos Would Be Friends


The Green Arrow’s formed some firm friendships with his fellow heroes over the course of the Arrowverse so far, even apparently swapping his own life for the Flash and Supergirl’s (stay tuned for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to see how that turns out). But who would the Emerald Archer befriend if he crossed over to the Marvel universe? Well, Arrow star Stephen Amell has an unexpected answer.

When asked this question at Fan Expo Boston over the weekend, Amell suggested that Iron Man would have to be crossed off the list and that maybe Ollie would get along with Thanos instead.

 “Well he would hate Tony Stark because of blinding jealousy. I don’t know, who would be his best friend? Maybe he’d kind of dig Thanos…He’s the hero of his own story.”

The panel’s moderator went on to suggest that Spider-Man and the Green Arrow might get along, too. Amell wasn’t sure though, feeling that Ollie “would be annoyed by his boyish enthusiasm.” The moderator offered that this would make it similar to the dynamic between Oliver and Barry though and Amell was then convinced, admitting it was a “good comparison.”

Amell certainly has a liking for Thanos. At the same convention appearance, one fan asked him which Marvel character he’d play if he had the choice. The actor’s immediate pick was the Mad Titan, saying that he wasn’t kidding and would genuinely like to portray him.

Obviously, the conflicting moral codes of Oliver Queen and Thanos make it hard to picture the pair being best buds. However, Amell’s comment that his character would get jealous if he encountered Iron Man is spot-on. If you’ll recall, back in “Elseworlds,” Ollie was clearly put-out to meet Superman for the first time, hilariously puffing his chest when coming face-to-face with the Kryptonian.

Arrow season 8 is currently in production and returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 15th.