Arrowverse Crossover Casts Mr. Freeze’s Wife Nora Fries


Fans have been waiting seven years for the Bat-mythos to come into play in the Arrowverse and finally, that’s about to happen. The annual crossover event will introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman into the equation, ahead of her own solo show, and will be set in Gotham City. It stands to reason, then, that some familiar Gothamite faces may also appear in the crossover, and this latest casting scoop teases exactly that.

Deadline has revealed that Cassandra Jean Amell – wife of Arrow‘s own Stephen Amell – has been cast in the role of Nora Fries in the three-part crossover. DC fans will recognize the character as the doomed wife of Batman foe Mr. Freeze. Typically, Nora doesn’t get much to do – usually his cryogenically-frozen wife’s illness is Freeze’s big motivator – so we’re not yet sure how much Amell will feature in the event.

Nora’s inclusion in the crossover obviously begs the question though of whether Freeze himself will appear. There’s been no confirmation or denial of this as yet, though it’s possible the rights to the character are still tied up with Gotham. However, seeing as the FOX prequel show is ending soon, The CW may have managed to wrangle the villain over to their corner.

Even if Freeze doesn’t appear, he could well play a part of the Batwoman solo series next year. It’s possible Nora’s role in the crossover will act as a prequel to her usual storyline, which could play out in the spinoff show in 2019. After all, it would fit in with the central premise of Batwoman if the familiar character arcs were being inverted and seen from a female perspective instead.

Amell’s casting comes hot on the heels of Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tullock being named as the Arrowverse‘s Lois Lane, who’s also set to appear in the crossover alongside Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. The three-night, must-see event kicks off on December 9th, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest on it as it draws closer.