Latest Crisis On Earth-X Promo Teases Arrowverse Crossover; New Flash Poster Invites Fans To The Wedding


The latest promo for “Crisis On Earth-X” gives us our best look yet at the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, which is arriving later this month. Featuring the casts of ArrowThe Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, the four-part event will see the assembled heroes face their own Nazi doppelgangers from the dystopian Earth-X.

This new trailer reveals that Barry and Iris’ wedding is crashed by Overgirl, the Supergirl of Earth-X. Luckily for our planet, though, the world’s finest heroes are on the case. In one awesome team shot, we see a line-up including Alex Danvers, Mister Terrific, Vixen, Wild Dog, White Canary, Flash, Steel, Green Arrow, Atom, Heatwave, Captain Cold, Zari and Black Canary.

Speaking of Captain Cold, we also get a glimpse at the Earth-X Leonard Snart, who looks to be a leading Nazi commander. Seeing as this is apparently Wentworth Miller’s final time in the Arrowverse, at least he’s getting to play two different characters in the crossover.

The promo also emphasizes the threat of Prometheus, the equivalent of Green Arrow on Earth-X (a previous teaser revealed that it’s a version of Oliver Queen under there). He seems to be the most dangerous of the Earth-X doppelgangers, promising the heroes that, “Everyone you care about, everyone you love, they’re going to die.”

Meanwhile, a new Flash poster (seen above) ties into the mini-event. What’ll kick off this crossover is the long-awaited wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West, and The CW have reminded viewers to attend with this touching poster of the happy couple at the alter. It sports the punny caption: “Save the date.”

“Crisis on Earth-X” unites the Arrowverse in just 11 days time. It kicks off on Monday, November 27th, with Arrow and Supergirl and is concluded the following evening with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.