The Arrowverse Shows Were Some Of 2018’s Most Pirated TV Series


With the Arrowverse still riding high following that awesome “Elseworlds” crossover, it’s no wonder how the brand is able to maintain its popularity after being around for the better part of the current decade. After all, we’re set to receive a live action adaptation of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” later on in 2019, and that’s just plain awesome.

But with popularity comes rampant piracy, an unavoidable thorn in the side of the entertainment industry in this digital age. Of course, the aforementioned Arrowverse has been in no way immune to illegal downloading, with several of its series proudly (?) claiming spots on the list of 2018’s most torrented shows.

Before we break it down, here’s the list in full (via Torrent Freak):

The Walking Dead
The Flash
The Big Bang Theory
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

As you can see, The Flash comes in at number two, with Arrow occupying the sixth slot. Legends of Tomorrow, meanwhile, claims the ninth. And though Supernatural isn’t DC-related, its commanding of the seventh spot illustrates how that CW show remains in demand after being on the air for 14 seasons.

Now, I’m in no way advocating piracy, but I can at least understand the logic behind Titans coming in fifth. At this moment, not as many people subscribe to the DC Universe streaming service, nor is it available outside of the United States. Therefore, those without access will want to keep up.

But in the case of Arrowverse shows, one can simply watch the latest episodes the next day for free on either The CW’s website or app. Plus, it’s not even on cable, so I remain baffled whenever I hear people say, “I can’t watch anything on The CW because I don’t have cable.” Applying that logic, I’m guessing Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC also elude you.