New Arrowverse Trailer Teases Batwoman’s Arrival


Like many of you, we’re waiting impatiently for Hollywood to flesh out the rest of the Bat Family in live action. Sure, the Dark Knight himself is arguably as cool as it gets, but the heroes surrounding him all have rabid fanbases of their own. Fortunately, one major pin will be knocked down in a matter of months.

In case you hadn’t heard, the next Arrowverse crossover will feature none other than Batwoman. Set to be the first live action appearance of Kate Kane, May’s announcement has since ignited a veritable brushfire on social media. No joke, since debuting in the pages of 52 just over a decade ago, she’s gone on to headline her own solo title and has accrued legions of devoted readers in the process.

Now, with San Diego Comic-Con underway and a possible casting announcement imminent, the network has put out a trailer (seen above) assembling the heroes and villains populating its DC TV shows. Not only that, but the incorporation of comic book art was a stroke of genius because, at this point, it’s really the only way to include Batwoman.

On that note, those who cut together this video package did an admirable job of editing previously aired clips from various series hinting at the masked vigilante’s arrival. If you really wanted to believe it, you could place Kate opposite Supergirl at certain points.

As you may have read, the goal here is to eventually allow for Batwoman to spinoff into her own TV series, which we imagine will launch in the fall of 2019. Right now, I don’t see any reason why that won’t happen, but The CW had previously been adamant in saying they wouldn’t roll out any more DC shows – though it’s hard to pass up anything with “Bat” in the title. Given that, it wouldn’t surprise this writer if, say, the lowest rated Arrowverse show were to be jettisoned following this season to make room, but anything is possible.

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