Arrowverse/Supernatural Crossover Is Finally Happening On Legends Of Tomorrow

Arrow-Supernatural-Crossover-Stephen-Amell-Idea (1)

For the best part of a decade, CW fans have been campaigning for a crossover between Arrow and Supernaturalbut with the DC series wrapping up in January and SPN ending this season, it seemed like it was never going to happen. Step forward Legends of Tomorrowthen, to prove us wrong. While Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki will not be dropping by the Waverider as the Winchester brothers, the Arrowverse show will still feature an unexpected crossover in an upcoming episode.

EW broke the fan-pleasing story, revealing that season 5’s ninth episode “Zari, Not Zari” will feature some of the Legends traveling to modern-day British Columbia while on the hunt for the Loom of Fate, and they’ll encounter a certain 1967 Chevrolet Impala. As the demon trap in the trunk makes clear, this is indeed the Winchester’s car. Well, kind of.

EP Phil Klemmer explained to EW that this will be a very meta-crossover, as Constantine, Charlie and Sara will visit the set of Supernatural, rather than the world of the show. Klemmer promises that there will be several easter eggs in the episode for SPN fans to pick up on, including the series’ musical score that you’ll have to keep an ear out for. Interestingly, the car used in the episode isn’t actually the official model, but one constructed by a dedicated fan.

This isn’t quite the fully-fledged Arrowverse/Winchester team-up we wanted, but it’s a welcome crossover all the same. It’s also a clever inversion of a DC/Supernatural crossover that nearly happened over a decade ago, when the Winchesters would’ve visited the Smallville set to help out Tom Welling. Ultimately, instead of the DC universe being fictional in Supernatural, Supernatural is fictional in the DC universe.

In any case, you can check out the first look images from the episode in the gallery above, featuring Matt Ryan, Maisie Sellers-Richardson and Caity Lotz by Dean’s beloved Baby, as well as one of Lotz holding a Supernatural production sign. And be sure to catch Legends of Tomorrow 5×09 “Zari, Not Zari” Tuesday, March 24th on The CW.