Ashton Kutcher Will Join Two And A Half Men


And so the speculation continues. Who will replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men? Almost every name imaginable has been thrown into the pot but now The Hollywood Reporter tells us that sources have confirmed that Ashton Kutcher will be replacing Sheen. Apparently Kutcher is in the final stages of the deal making and he’s receiving quite a generous sum of money. The studio and Kutcher’s reps have declined to comment on the issue but there is no reason not to believe THR.

Personally, I think this is a great choice. While I was kind of hopeful that Sheen would somehow find his way back, Kutcher is a suitable replacement. His charm and charisma will add a lot to the show and he’s also genuinely funny. Anyone who has seen That 70’s Show knows how humorous he can be and I’m pretty excited to see him return to television. What I’m most curious about though is what number is going to be on Ashton Kutcher‘s paycheque.

What do you think? Will Ashton Kutcher be a good fit in the show? Who did you want to see take Sheen’s place?