Audition Tapes For Daredevil Season 2 Tease Addition Of Major Character


It’ll be some time yet before the sharp minds of Nelson and Murdock are back on the small screen, with Netflix slating the sophomore season of Marvel’s superhero drama for April 2016. Still, Daredevil fans are chomping at the bit for any shred of information before the next slew of episodes are dumped on the streaming service.

Thankfully, has salvaged a detailed transcript from the show’s audition tapes as it begins casting the net for season 2. Be warned, though, as the extract below does contain some spoilers for those who either haven’t caught up on season 1, or those who want to enjoy Daredevil‘s next stint in April 2016 with a blank slate.


Still with us? Great! The script was reportedly read by several actresses, meaning that Marvel is at the very least considering incorporating one Elektra Natchios. If this proves to be true, it seems that Matt’s quip about having a Greek girlfriend in college was anything but a throwaway line.

You can check out the transcript below:

Elektra: You don’t look like a tough read.

Matt Murdock: You never know, I could surprise you.

Elektra: Doubt it.

Matt Murdock: Give it a try.

Elektra: Okay, you drink Macallan because you’re afraid beer would give you a frat boy vibe. You’ve never been inside a fraternity house. You weren’t even a boy scout. There is no club you would join because it would choke the air from your lungs. You’d suffocate. Shall I go on?

Matt Murdock: Please do.

Elektra: Now you think we’re flirting. Your mind’s racing. You’re wondering what piece of wit you can think of next. Know what your problem is? You’re pretty, but dumb. Too dumb to know the game is already over and you lost before you stepped to the plate.

Matt Murdock: You got that all from a pair of wingtips?

Elektra: Quick study.

Daredevil season 2 will premiere exclusively on Netflix in 2016. Tell us, are you excited to see Elektra join the series? Sound off below!

Source: Comicbook