Awesome Fan Poster Teases The Winter Soldier And Falcon TV Show


Marvel’s currently developing a brand new corner of its cinematic universe – prestige, big budget TV series to be found exclusively on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. We’ve heard that there’s going to be a Scarlet Witch show, a Loki vehicle, a Nick Fury spinoff and what seems to be a buddy cop-type program starring Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon.

Details remain scarce right now on what the show will actually be about, but we know it’ll come from the pen of writer Malcolm Spellman (Empire). One fan’s decided to get creative, though, and imagine what new threat the dynamic duo could face in their own TV series.

Fan artist Lord Tectonic has mocked up a poster for the project which he’s calling “Serpent Society,” bringing the idea to life with a re-designed Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson – now with serpentine green in the suits – and a scary giant snake in the background. They captioned the image: “Made a poster for the Bucky & Falcon TV show… I chose the Serpent Society as the title since Marvel teased it when they announced Civil War. So why not actually adapt it.”

The Serpent Society are just what they sound like – a cabal of supervillains each of whom have a snake-like gimmick. Needless to say, Luke Cage‘s Cottonmouth and Bushmaster are regular members in the comics. Like the caption above reminds us, Kevin Feige did briefly joke that the third Captain America movie was to be called Serpent Society at SDCC 2014, but soon unveiled the truth that it was actually Civil War. 

We could easily see the Serpent Society being brought into the MCU sometime soon, so why not in a Winter Soldier and Falcon TV show? Seems as good a place as any to us.

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