B.J. Novak talks ‘The Office’ cast: best actor, nicest person, who he’d love to start a podcast with

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B.J. Novak, the writer, director, and star of the film Vengeance, is discussing his best and favorite cast members amongst his cohort of The Office co-stars, including who he’d love to make a podcast with someday.

During a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, Novak revealed the best actor he’s ever worked with was none-other than Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell.

Another fan asked what it was like working with Creed Bratton, who played a lightly fictionalized — and delightfully freakish — version of himself within the offices of Dunder Mifflin, including the character sharing the actor’s name.

“There is no line between fiction and reality with Creed and that makes him the best possible person to work with,” Novak said of the former The Grass Roots rock band member.

When asked who was the nicest castmember on The Office, Novak said, “Angela,” referring to Angela Martin, the actor who played Angela Schrute. However, he added that it “is a super nice cast,” overall.

When he was asked whether he would ever start a podcast, Novak said that he wants to start one with The Office co-star Mindy Kaling, “but the girl cannot make up her mind about it.”

When asked whether he still had his Dundee award for “hottest in the office,” Novak said, “Yes.”

Novak, who was a writer on The Office, recently made his directorial debut with Vengeance, which he also wrote and stars in. Having already premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews, the comedic mystery thriller is currently playing at a theater near you.