Baby Yoda Socks Now Available And They’re Cute As Heck


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am in L-O-V-E love with Baby Yoda. I’ve seen approximately one episode of The Mandalorian but that’s all I need. Seriously, I’m hooked.

He’s just so cute, drinking his tea, wearing his Santa hat. Actually, that was a meme I saw, but it was great. While we all know I’ve documented Disney’s bungling of Baby Yoda merch, some cool stuff is starting to come out now, including these awesome socks. Yeah, you heard me right: SOCKS!

Most people have between nine and ten toes, and most of the time, those toes are attached to some gross lumps of skin and bone called “feet.” Feet get cold at times, and for years, scientists could not figure out how to make a mitten but for feet instead of hands. But by golly, eventually the sock was created and now, Baby Yoda graces an adorable pair of toe warmers. True, Disney’s also released a few T-shirts and a hoodie that, when hooded, makes you look like a Mandalorian. But who cares about that garbage? Put that baby on my feet, stat!

I hope someone at Disney’s listening to me, because I’m sincerely telling anyone involved in this particular Star Wars story to please @ me on Twitter and say: “Hey, we heard you like socks…” Just give me all the Baby Yoda Content (TM) I can handle. I can handle a lot, trust me.

All joking aside, The Mandalorian is proving to be a huge hit, and understandably so, and with a second season already ordered up and on the way, I can’t wait to see what else the Mouse House has planned for the adorable Baby Yoda.