Batman Calls Van Wayne In This New Powerless Clip, Plus New Images Released

NBC’s Powerless premieres on February 2nd, and with the big day drawing closer, the network wants to make sure you know all about its brand new DC Comics comedy. Yes, that’s right, comedy. Unlike ArrowThe FlashGotham, etc., this one won’t feature any big name heroes fighting to save the world.

Instead, it’ll be a workplace comedy which simply takes place in the DC universe. As such, there will be numerous references and nods for fans to pick up on – just don’t expect to see someone like Batman stop by for an appearance. That much has been confirmed already.

While opinion on the series seems to be divided so far, NBC is definitely doing everything they can to get viewers on board. That includes ramping up the marketing campaign, which has today seen the release of three new clips and a whole batch of photos from the pilot episode. It’s a lot of promotional material to dig through, but it definitely paints a promising picture for the new show.

Admittedly, all the references to the various heroes are a bit much, but perhaps the network is just using them as a way to draw viewers in. After all, we’re hoping that the series isn’t weighed down by its connections to the wider DC universe, as that would surely kill its chances of being a success. The occasional nod is fine, and a few of them sprinkled throughout can be fun for viewers to catch, just as long as the show can still stand on its own two feet and be its own thing.

One way or another, we’ll find out soon enough, as it debuts in just a few weeks’ time. Until then, take a look at all the new material above and below and give us your thoughts on Powerless by dropping a comment in the usual place.