Batman Beyond Gets A Prequel Thanks To Fan-Made Web Series


One thing I’ve noticed in the time I’ve been a writer is how the mere mention of Batman Beyond sends readers into a frenzy. That doesn’t surprise me much, though, as ever since the beloved animated series that chronicled the adventures of a future Dark Knight left airwaves, the only things continuing its legacy outside of the comic book medium were that of an epilogue episode of Justice League Unlimited and a DC Nation short years later.

Still, hope remains that the folks over at Warner Bros. Animation will go ahead with a direct-to-video movie at some point, or, Zod willing, something in the live action realm materializes. Of course, the latter seems far less likely, but many of you will agree with me in saying that a flesh-and-blood Terry McGinnis is long overdue.

Thankfully, somebody on this planet isn’t content to sit on their hands, even if their passion project examines the topic of today’s discussion from a different perspective.

You see, a campaign over at Indiegogo intends on funding a fan-made experience which explores the days leading up to Bruce Wayne’s retirement in the form of Batman: Master of Fear. There’s a synopsis to present, too, so be sure to give it a read:

You’ve never seen a dramatic live-action Batman show.  Nor have you seen a prequel to Batman Beyond.  Now, here is your chance to not only witness a landmark in Batman history, but to also be a part of it!  Inspired by Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman: Master of Fear is a web series that gives you–the fans–everything you have ever wanted from a live-action take on the character: a Batman who displays his detective and martial arts skills against a Gothic Horror backdrop.  And, we even introduce a brand new villain: Nightmare.

Having already released one episode online, the team hopes to produce two more with the intention of pitching this to Warner Bros. as a TV series. Believe it or not, they’ve already got the first four seasons mapped out!

Knowing how protective WB tends to be over the Caped Crusader, it may prove highly difficult to have a full-blown version of him on television competing with whatever’s going on in the movies. Either way, though, we’ll keep you posted on this or any other hopeful live action take on Batman Beyond to come.

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