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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier May Introduce Another Bucky

On-set photos appear to confirm that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier spinoff series will introduce Battlestar to the MCU.

Sebastian Stan in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier spinoff series may carve out room for Battlestar, a superpowered character otherwise known as Lemar Hoskins.

Word comes by way of Murphy’s Multiverse (h/t MCU Exchange), after an eagle-eyed fan spotted a rather interesting flower shop in Atlanta, Georgia, the very same location that’s hosting The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Specifically, the photo shows a mock storefront for the Hoskins Family Flowers shop, indicating that Sam Wilson’s Captain America may well be going up against another version of Bucky Barnes late next year.

That’s because, in the Marvel comics, Hoskins goes on to form a coalition called the Bold Urban Commandos (or ‘BUCkys’) to aid US agent John Walker, who we know will be played by Wyatt Russell in the upcoming TV show. This, coupled with the fact that Russell was pictured entering the aforementioned flower shop, strongly suggests that his character will be forming an alliance with Hoskins come 2020, potentially leading to a full-scale brawl between the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and their newfound enemies: US Agent and Battlestar.

It’s by no means the first time that Marvel has created a situation in which the hero and villain are carbon copies of one another (see: Iron Man, Ant-Man, The Incredible Hulk), and it’ll be interesting to see how the Powers That Be integrate a renown character like Battlestar into the MCU – particularly now that the über-franchise is beginning to expand onto television. That’s not to discredit the likes of Daredevil and other Netflix series; it’s just that the Disney+ gigs are considered MCU canon, to the point where you’ll actually need to watch all of them to better understand Phase 4… and beyond.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, angled as one of Disney’s primetime Marvel series along with Wandavision and She-Hulk, has been earmarked for a premiere late next year.

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