Here’s How Wallis Day Could Look As The CW’s New Batwoman


Despite Ruby Rose leaving Batwoman, it was repeatedly made clear that Kate Kane wasn’t going to be summarily killed off, but that she would still have a presence in the show. And with the news that the character was being recast to be played by Wallis Day, some fan art has now imagined how the latter might look as the Scarlet Knight.

Season 2’s most recent episode, “Survived Much Worse” teased Kate’s return, despite the central characters discovering evidence of her death, and suggested that her change in appearance will be explained in-universe rather than viewers being expected to accept a different actor with no justification.

The artwork below certainly looks like Kate, which is helped by Day bearing more than a passing resemblance to Rose, with both women having a slim build augmented by wiry muscle, as well as facial features possessing a timeless androgynous beauty.

Day is best known to genre fans from Krypton, a sci-fi series set on Superman’s homeworld 200 years before its destruction. Her character Nyssa-Vex wasn’t particularly interesting in the first season, though, having little to do other than stare condescendingly and talk down to people in a cut-glass RP accent. However, like the show itself, she became substantially more interesting in the second run, and was put through the wringer in a manner that showcased the breadth of Day’s acting skill, while later episodes demonstrated her believability in action scenes, which would come in handy if she’s to convince as someone who belongs under the cowl.

Despite Kate’s return, Batwoman will continue to focus on Ryan growing into the role of the heroic vigilante, although it shouldn’t be long before Day manages to make it feel as though her predecessor never truly left.