New Batwoman Poster Teases That Her Time Is Now


The Arrowverse is about to get even bigger. The fifth series set in The CW’s shared DC multiverse (not including the disconnected Black Lightning) is coming this fall in the form of BatwomanRuby Rose stars as the cousin of Bruce Wayne who shares his affinity for dressing up like a flying rodent and protecting the streets of Gotham City. And apparently, her time is now, according to this new poster for the show.

The stylish one-sheet captures Kate Kane in costume, cape billowing around her, perching on an iron bridge branded with the Bat-symbol. Behind her, meanwhile, is the Gotham skyline at night.

Check it out in the gallery below and see what you think:

Rose debuted as Batwoman in last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which marked the very first time the Arrowverse had dived into the Bat-mythos. Arkham Asylum appeared prominently, for instance, which meant many familiar foes were alluded to. Though Batman himself isn’t expected to turn up in her solo show, fans should expect Batwoman to further dip into the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, as Magpie and, more notably, Hush are both set to appear in the series’ first season.

Rachel Skarsten will be the big bad of the run, however, as Alice, who the marketing seems to be positioning as Kate’s own Joker. Her father Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), the head of security company The Crows, is very much her Commissioner Gordon, too. That leaves Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox, son of Lucius, as Batwoman’s Alfred. Meagan Tandy is also on board as Kate’s love interest Sophie Moore with Nicole Kang as her socialite step-sister Mary Hamilton.

Like the poster reminds us, expect Batwoman to kick off on The CW on October 6th, the same night Supergirl returns for season 5.