The Batwoman TV Show Has Found Its Main Villain

Batwoman Ruby Rose

One of the most exciting elements of the recent “Elseworlds” crossover was probably Ruby Rose’s debut as Batwoman. If social media’s to be believed, most of you reading this are in agreement with that statement, too. I mean, not only did Gotham City’s new protector come off as being totally badass, but the actress was perfect in the role. Heck, her voice even sounded like you’d imagine it would when reading the comics.

As such, it came as no surprise to hear that The CW had picked up the pilot for Kate Kane’s standalone series earlier this month, and now that they have, casting is underway. In fact, just earlier tonight, the show found its main villain.

According to Deadline, Rachel Skarsten has boarded to project in the role of Alice, who’s described as a Joker-esque character that leads a “Lewis Carroll–inspired Wonderland Gang.” Said to “swing unpredictably between maniacal and charming,” Alice has apparently “made it her mission to undermine Gotham’s sense of security.”

This dangerous sounding antagonist won’t be the only obstacle for our titular heroine to overcome though, as she’ll also have to face her own demons before she takes charge as Gotham’s one true symbol of hope. Given that Batwoman takes place on Earth-1 though, we imagine that smaller scale crossovers with Arrow and The Flash will be much easier to plot, which means Kate Kane could get a helping hand in her fight against Skarsten’s villain.

Even if she does, though, Alice will no doubt prove to be a major adversary for Batwoman during her rise to full-blown vigilantism, and we look forward to seeing the two characters square off later this year, when the groundbreaking show makes its debut on The CW.

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