New Batwoman’s Costume Teased In DC Multiverse Artwork


With Ruby Rose exiting the series, Javicia Leslie will be the new lead of Batwoman from season 2 onward. While we’re aware that Leslie will be playing a brand new character created for TV, streetwise heroine Ryan Wilder, there’s still a lot we don’t know about her version of the Crimson Knight. Some artwork revealed at this past Saturday’s DC FanDome, however, may have given us our first glimpse at her character’s costume.

During the Multiverse 101 panel, DC Comics chief Jim Lee revealed an incredible art piece (seen below) that he’s created which showcases the various heroes of the DC multiverse from across the mediums. You can spend ages inspecting the artwork to spot all your favorites (here’s a fun game: try and find Legends of Tomorrow‘s Beebo), but for now, focus your attention on the bottom of the left hand side and you’ll see Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl flying alongside Leslie’s Batwoman.

If you scroll along to the second image in the gallery below, you can get a better look at Lee’s illustration of Ryan in costume, revealing the redesigned outfit she’ll be wearing in season 2. Notably, there’s an increased amount of red compared with Kate Kane’s suit. In particular, the inner lining of her cape is completely red, like Kate’s is in the comics but unlike the TV Kate’s previous look. There’s also additional red detailing on her gloves and arms.

This artwork won’t necessarily match up exactly with the live-action Batwoman suit we’ll be seeing when season 2 premieres, but Lee is bound to have based his design on concept art that’s been drawn up for the character, so it should be pretty close to what we end up with. Lee’s design likely confirms, then, that Ryan will also wear the red wig that’s so synonymous with Kate Kane.

Batwoman season 2 is set to arrive on The CW in January 2021, alongside the rest of the Arrowverse shows.