A Bearded Jon Bernthal Features In New Set Snaps For The Punisher


When it comes to our attention that a smattering of set photos have been unearthed for The Punisher, Netflix’s upcoming standalone series revolving around Frank Castle, we’re inclined to believe that said images will come bearing a particular sense of tone, even featuring a battered and bruised Jon Bernthal as he stalks the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

This latest batch of pics couldn’t be further from that assumption. Hailing from Just Jared, here we find our bearded anti-hero atop a roof between takes. To get a glimpse of the full collection, head on down to the gallery below, where you’ll find plenty of shots of Bernthal and his co-star eating lunch, before the former springs into action to save the unnamed man from a nasty fall.

Taken from a rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it’s impossible to wean any concrete plot details based on these fleeting snaps. More than anything, it’s a welcome reminder that The Punisher is trucking along at Netflix, particularly when you factor in the cloud of doubt that looked to have been cast over the spinoff coming out of Daredevil season 2.

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But don’t fret; although many assumed that Jon Bernthal was gearing up to film his part in The Defenders – a cameo that still hasn’t been ruled out altogether – he is, in fact, back on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen for The Punisher. We’ll keep you posted as production progresses.

Luke Cage is the superhero currently stealing headlines over at Netflix. He’ll be followed by Danny Rand (AKA Iron Fist) in early 2017, before Marvel assembles The Defenders to tackle Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious villain towards the end of the year. How The Punisher slots into this line-up is still up for question, though we’re inclined to believe Frank Castle will make his solo debut at some point next year as Netflix makes an effort to ramp up its output.