Beauty And The Beast Review: “About Last Night” (Season 2, Episode 16)



The spring finale of Beauty and The Beast doesn’t end with happily ever after, but it does end with the possibility of it. Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) have made it through another growing pain in their relationship and it only took them 16 episodes to do so. Vincent has proven that he can in fact change, for the better, and through a collaborative effort, they managed to turn Sam (Tom Everett Scott) back to the side of good (or, at least is appears that way). This just leaves Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) as the odd man out – again.

Let’s start at the end and work backwards. About Last Night ends with a pretty unsettling scene – Vincent being hauled away in handcuffs for murder. After everything this couple has been through, it must seem like the universe is both pushing them together and pulling them apart simultaneously. The truth is, this cliffhanger was most likely compliments of ADA Lowen. Gabe may have taken his promise to protect Cat from Vincent a bit too far and this time he may not be able to fix things.

All season long Gabe has tried to compensate for his mistakes as a beast. He wormed his way into the lives of Cat and her friends. He helped Cat with her rescue mission even when it seemed futile. He stood by her when Vincent pretty much made a mockery of their relationship, with some help from Tori and her beast pheromones. Gabe was there every step of the way, and when the dust settled and the time was right he stepped in, filling the emotional void in Cat’s life and cementing his redemption.

As Vincent grew further away from the cold hearted beast for hire who we were introduced to at the beginning of the season and closer to the man that Cat fell in love with, Gabe went on the defensive. Now that Cat has made a decision, and it wasn’t him, Gabe is on the offensive. He has nothing to lose. And if Sam’s character has taught us anything, it’s that people with nothing to lose will do just about anything.

Not only has this most recent plot twist threatened to tear Vincent and Cat apart again, but it runs the risk of destroying Gabe. All of his redeeming qualities are about to become the basis for Cat’s anger. She has proven her tenacity for getting what she wants before and if Gabe had anything to do with Vincent’s incarceration, she’s not going to stop until she defeats his ego. This won’t be the first time she went up against odds that weren’t in her favor, and let’s face it, if actual police work had led them to Vincent, clearly Cat would have been arrested as an accessory.

When Beauty and the Beast started off the night, Cat had convinced herself that choosing Vincent was wrong and that somehow choosing to love him, or stay in love with him, was unfair to herself. She was willing to settle for the person that Gabe had become, if for nothing else than the blinding fact that Gabe was able to change, to be a better person than circumstances previously allowed. As the realization sunk in over the course of this episode that Vincent was capable of the same thing, he became the obvious choice – the only choice.

The CW hasn’t announced a return date for Beauty and the Beast, so all we can do now is cross our fingers that the series makes it safely back to air so fans aren’t left wanting. Do you think Gabe is behind this latest obstacle in Vincent and Cat’s epic romance? Let us know all your BATB theories in the comments section below.

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  1. kathysays:

    Yes I think Gabe is behind putting Vincent in jail he is just a sore loser. He must have been stupid to think he could keep her knowing he was fighting a losing battle.Cat and Vincent are meant to be.can’t wait for it to come back on it’s my favorite show on TV.

    1. Lindsay Sperlingsays:

      The writers took a big risk not just ending it with Cat and Vincent getting back together, so they must think there’s a good chance of it coming back too. Otherwise, why not leave things without the added suspense?

  2. chereciosays:

    Yrs of course he is. Please bring the show back!!!!!!

  3. debbijanesays:

    I think Gabe will inject himself with the serum and try to kill Vincent. Gabe is so jealous cant end I love this show

  4. Sharonsays:

    I honestly believe that gabe is the cause behind Vincents arrest and he went about real fast to ruin their morning after because he obviously knew that Vincent would be with Catherine. Jealousy is a scary emotion and Gabe cannot handle it. Vincent was jealous of gabe but he did not try to hurt gabe. He never really disparaged gabe and in fact only had decent things to say about him to Catherine. In spite of his hurt he also gave gabe some advice on being with cat in the till death do us part episode. Vincent has shown that he can change and do the right thing which was his life’s mantra…doing the right thing just as Alex told Cat.
    Gabe unfortunately for his stupidity and possessive arrogance is going to cause Cat to despise him and likely never forgive him. he will have lost her respect and friendship, not to mention Tess and JT whose reaction i cannot wait to see. Vincent will of course return to the life of hiding from his enemies and Cat will go with him. Even she says so in the preview, she is not going to risk losing him again, she loves him too much and he loves her too much to ask her to give up her life just to be with him. Gabe has just plotted his downfall and if i were Cat, i would find a way to inject him with serum so he can return to his life as a beast and suffer through it. If this was a well investigated arrest, then Cat and Gabe should be arrested as co-conspirators, they were there and did nothing lawful about it right!!!!
    Cannot wait for the new episodes. I look forward to watching Cat and Vincent against those who would seek to destroy their love!!!!

  5. gglsays:

    cant figure out why this show is having such a hard time . I find it fabulous, great actors and great plot. really fun hope it makes it.

    1. disqus_ihmD0DLmAdsays:

      You and me both, I love this show!!

  6. catarinaxosays:

    Amazing show! Please come back!

  7. bensays:

    this is a great show – why are all the good shows cancelled and all we get stuck with are stupid reality programs. don’t cancel this show, its the best on CW

    1. Beckssays:

      I totally agree. CW puts some great shows on, but choosing reality shows over renewing great original shows is ridiculous. I don’t understand the love of reality tv. Am I the only one who finds it totally annoying? Just can’t get into it.

  8. stellasays:

    I love this show every Monday!!!!! Please don’t cancel!! I love VINCAT!!!

  9. Cathrine Stocksays:

    My first thought was Gabe….but then again they did just find out Muirfield is more than just a company….”tip of the iceburg”….If there was a code within then there is probably more to it! Hope it comes back. Best show I have seen in a long time!

  10. Andreeasays:

    Yes it had to be Gabe who else ?! Team Vincent

  11. Dukesays:

    I just love this show can’t wait for Monday night to come. I hope the station plans on renewing it. Yes I think Gabe is behind Vincent’s arrest it’s his way of getting at Vincent. I have my fingers crossed.

  12. mistyeyes919says:

    Sure hope BATB returns soon as I am having VINCAT withdrawals. This show is my very favorite. I am sure Gabe is behind the arrest of Vincent but I know this will backfire on him .. Cat loves Vincent and will soon realize what a sneak and dreadful person (or should I say beast) Gabe is. I also cannot understand why they would keep all those garbage reality shows and not return a good show like this one..

  13. Pennysays:

    Of course it was Hateful Gabe. I’m gonna be so sad if my VinCat is not renewed– so love this show.

  14. fig46says:

    How Do We Know That It wasn’t Tori. Maybe She Was Recessitated, Brought Back To Life No Longer A Beast Now Realizing She Is All Alone In The World. So Now She Wants To Get Back At Them

    1. Lindsay Sperlingsays:

      That’s an interesting theory. Gabe surviving the season 1 finale was a pretty big shock, so this wouldn’t be that abnormal of a twist.

  15. parwinsays:

    srew gabe…beast attitudes are with him at least Vincent kind hearted.hopin on next season 3 vin-cat lovesaga were goin to last at least one third of the episodes.

  16. parwinsays:


  17. Laniesays:

    I think Gabe is responsible, but don’t want him to become a bad guy again. I liked him as an honourable knight in shinning honor. If they want Cat and Vincent back together fine. But if they make Gabe evil again after he was so sweet, it will kind of kill the show for me. I can see why he did it if he really believes Vincent is a danger to Cat. He sees Vincent as an abusive guy after he shoved cat and tried to kill her father. Even though Vincent has gotten back to his old self Gabe doubts that and worries he could loss his temper and kill Cat . If things were reversed Vincent would be desperate to protect cat too. But please don’t make Gabe evil I liked him being friends with them all, and being a good guy even if he lost the girl. I wish it was Cats fathers influence instead that got Vincent arrested, but I am sure it is wishful thinking!

  18. L Rsays:

    Please don’t let it be Gabe! I really like him as a good guy, I feel bad for him that he lost the girl but still keep him a sweetie. I hate the way everyone writing in is so hateful to his character. Why must people hate one to like the other, I like both Vincent and Gabe , but I prefer Gabe !

  19. Vickisays:

    This the best show on any station, please bring it back for a third season.

  20. hazelsays:

    didnt had the chance to watch ep 16.. my only source is megashare but the video was deleted.. please put it back.. =( pls…

  21. MizzSweetssays:

    this show is amazing, everything about it is great and I really hope it’s renewed for season 3. Go cancel all those GARBAGE reality shows! oh and enough with all these cop shows, it’s just the same crap over and over again.. except Almost Human.. it’s a great show and quite frankly the only cop show I have ever watched.

    1. disqus_ihmD0DLmAdsays:

      Amen to that!!!

  22. I am going to enjoy watching this show die. It is an insult to the trope. Beauty and the Beast? What beast? He has a tiny scar – that he does not have any more. A Beastie informed me last year that I was too stupid to understand the reimagining of Beauty and the Incredible Hulk. No, if they had titled it that I would not have a problem. But this is not Beauty and the Beast. This Beauty and the Male Model needs to die. And with a 0.2 rating, I assure you it will

    1. disqus_ihmD0DLmAdsays:

      This is sad.. If you don’t like the Show just don’t watch it!

    2. Beckssays:

      No, it’s not the BATB show I remember when I was a kid, but I’m not looking at it as a remake of that show (although, I was a kid so I wasn’t really ‘into’ that one either). It’s different take on that BATB type story, just like Dracula & Daybreakers are different takes on the vampire genre. Different flavors. I love this new BATB, not gonna lie – I enjoy the Male Model; men get their eye candy all the time; it’s nice when a show has eye candy for both sexes so u both can both watch together. 🙂

  23. disqus_ihmD0DLmAdsays:

    My first thought was Gabe was the one
    responsible for Vincent’s arrest.. It would be just like him!! He was bitter
    and angry and also had become so condescending to Vincent. But Sam also entered
    my thoughts as the culprit.. But with a warrant being issued so soon who else
    could it be but Gabe?!?!?

  24. disqus_ihmD0DLmAdsays:

    If it was Gabe I hope that Cat Tears him a new One!

  25. I agree have is behind Vincent being put in jail he’s jus heartbroken and jealous that cat choose vincent and not him

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