Beauty And The Beast Review: “Father Knows Best” (Season 2, Episode 6)


Before Vincent and Cat came face-to-face for the first (technically second) time, Vincent didn’t have any overwhelming difficulty living under the radar. In fact, he seemed to excel at it. For almost a decade he lived in the city, granted his company was limited to JT (Austin Basis), but he stayed out of Muirfield’s cross-hairs. It didn’t solve anything, and it definitely didn’t move his life (or, the story) forward, but it did keep him safe.

Vincent’s natural desire to help people is really what is his undoing. Not only does he have trouble weighing the risks when it comes to saving someone else, but when it comes to someone he cares about, all bets are off. That means that when it comes to Cat putting herself at risk (and she is a police officer, so that happens a lot), Vincent no longer understands what boundaries are.

Even without his memory, he still has this annoying tendency to drop whatever else he’s doing, and save Cat. So it was a nice change of pace this evening to see what Cat could bring to the party. It’s not that she doesn’t show off her physical tenacity on a regular basis on Beauty and the Beast, but I have to say that the way she dealt with the other beast in a very hands-off way was impressive. She was confident and composed, and really everything you could ask for in strong female protagonist. Let Vincent have the brawn, this is a better look for Cat, anyway.

Most of the focus this season has been on Vincent since he was the character undergoing all the drastic changes, but the subtle changes in Cat have been a little less noticeable and lot more universally likeable.

Tell us, are you digging the more secure version of Cat that has slowly been building on itself over the last few episodes? Let us know your thoughts on Cat, and this episode of Beauty and the Beast, in the comment section below!

Until next episode.