Beauty And The Beast Review: “Catch Me If You Can” (Season 2, Episode 15)



The more Cat (Kristin Kreuk) learns about her lineage, the more Beauty and the Beast looks like it’s becoming a modern day version of a Shakespearean tragedy. Similarly, the more disgustingly cute that Cat and Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) become, the more desperate Vincent (Jay Ryan) gets – and it’s not an awful look for him, or the show.

This new dynamic presents an interesting shift in the balance of power between Cat and Vincent. For the better part of a season and a half, Cat showed her love for Vincent by fighting tooth and nail for him. On more than one occasion, Vincent walked away from Cat, willingly. Although he’s arguably always been there for her when she needed him, he hasn’t exactly made her his first priority in the same way that she has made a habit of doing for him. In other words, they were a broken record.

For the first time, Cat is the one with all the power. Vincent, in return, is reacting by proving a theory. If he can take down Sam (Tom Everett Scott) with only marginal use of his beast side, he can win her back. This would settle the beast versus man argument that has been an over arching theme this season. The problem is that he isn’t exactly subtle in his intentions. Ergo, Gabe going on the offensive.

Gabe hasn’t been shy at letting Cat know about his feelings regarding her ex, and he has every right to be threatened. The love of Cat’s life is still an active part in it. This would create a red flag for any blossoming relationship. When you add in all the other variables, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe it. When Gabe thinks that Cat is on board with his whole separation premise, he approaches Vincent and plays his most powerful card. As a former beast, Gabe can say with unique authority that he’s the better option for Cat, and means it. If only that made it true.

As a fan of Beauty and the Beast, your first instinct may be to root for Vincent. That doesn’t mean you can’t feel bad for Gabe at the same time though. It doesn’t make you a traitor, it makes you reasonable. It has to be rough for him. He’s fighting a losing battle. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter how much he molds himself into the ‘good guy,’ he’s going to walk out of this empty handed. Gabe has already lost a lot in his life, and not that his former destructive behavior is excused by any means, it almost seems like he deserves more than the ending he’s going to get.

Watching Gabe put all his cards on the table after his wild card falls to deaf ears certainly ranks as a powerful moment in the history of the show. For a brief period of time it looks like he may get what he wants. Except, what he wants leads Cat straight to Vincent, where a very natural magnetism pulled them straight into the bedroom. Cat may regret this decision in the morning, but it’s not like she can just stop at the corner store and buy a card that says ‘sorry, I tripped and fell on top of my ex. It didn’t mean anything.’ She has a lot of explaining to do, and instead, she may opt to let things go. Wouldn’t that be something.

There’s only one more episode of Beauty and the Beast before the series goes on hiatus. Where do you think the story will leave off? Let us know all your theories in the comment section below!

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  1. ions aresays:

    Don’t act like Catherine treats Vincent better either and Catherine isn’t a victim, she’s just a hypocrite who constantly judging Vincent about right or wrong but Catherine herself doesn’t always do the right thing like Vincent. Catherine preaches to Vincent about the law but Catherine breaks the laws to suits her needs and wants. No one in Catherine department and not even her new boss knows the things Catherine is up to or doing behind their backs. But when Vincent does it she gets all judgemental towards Vincent, saddest part is Catherine is allowing gabe to rub off on her and her biological father too because before gabe manipulated is way into Catherine life she wasn’t like this , all preachy and condersending and judgemental and act like she is better than Vincent and Catherine wasn’t so gun hoe about following the law, I’m just saying she didn’t like that she have to be constantly breaking the law and risking job but she new the risk and Catherine knew people in the law systems that screwed Vincent over royally so she tried her best to help protect Vincent from who ever wanted to harm Vincent and that’s what I liked about her Catherine because even though she didn’t like that she have to do those things but she did them any way for Vincent because Vincent got screwed over royally by them and otheer’s like Vincent were royally screwed over too . but since she have been around gabe and allowing him and tess constantly putting Vincent down and making Vincent out to be the villain instead of a victim of her father sick evil doings which is why I wasn’t a big Catherine fan for a while and I’m still not. Until Catherine apologies to Vincent sincerely and admitted to Vincent about her being too much of a self center person that she didn’t realize at that time is a victim and was just protecting himself and also tired of being screwed over for 12 years of his life then I can’t like her again or like her being back with Vincent when she is constantly believing and thinking that she is a victim who never make mistakes or screwed up her relationship with Vincent and done her fair share of wrong doings when it comes to Vincent and her relationship with him. Now that Vincent doesn’t have to anymore have to make up for his mistakes, now it’s her turn to make up for her mistakes and show Vincent that he can truly trust her back again and she is worthy of being with back again and that she won’t allowed herself to be easily to be manipulated by others and so trusting in others instead of Vincent because it’s what started this whole mess which is her trusting gabe over Vincent in season one and among other things when it comes to gabe and now she did it with her biological father who she doesn’t know personally well to trust. Also Catherine needs to stop looking at Vincent like Vincent isn’t worthy and that she is better than him and that he Vincent lost his humanity because Vincent haven’t lost his humanity , he just lost his way in life after Vincent was royally screwed over by everyone around him. Catherine also needs to stand up to gabe about gabe nasty treatment towards Vincent considering that they were the ones who constantly coming to Vincent for help. I’m tired of Catherine nasty treatment of Vincent also because she is treating Vincent the same way gabe is treating Vincent, someone who constantly going to Vincent when she needs his help in doing her job but the moment that she sees that leaning on Vincent for help is complicating her life then she wants to drop kick Vincent to the side like a homeless ragged used up washed up trained dog that she or gabe or tess doesn’t even needed anymore. You can look in the episode 15 of season two when Vincent busting his ass off for free for them and Catherine just using Vincent Vincent so badly for her needs and wants and then willing to kick Vincent to the curb all because gabe and her father said so and because can’t handle the fact that she complicating her own life by herself when she didn’t stick to what she said about staying away from Vincent and now she wants go back on what she said about staying away from Vincent after Vincent did her dirty work for her and gabe and tess also and now she slept with Vincent after she was supposed to cut Vincent out of her life for good as gabe wants . Now Catherine is a cheater too and a hypocrite because she goes around cheating on gabe with Vincent after she knows how it feels and said she would never cheats on anyone but she turned around cheats too which makes Catherine as bad as Vincent so now I hope this would have Catherine lay off the whole you are a cheater thing because she is in same cheating boat as Vincent is in.

    1. Angelsays:

      I agree that she is a total hypocrite, but i think Gabe and her father made her that hypocrite . But i do hope they end up together.

      1. Disappointedsays:

        I think that Catehrine has done a complete 180 this year. She was so loyal and ready to fight for Vincent—and then Bang–Season 2 and she treats Vincent like Shit and acts like she is so above him and it’s okay for her to break rules day after day but he is condemned for it. The whole Gabe thing just doesn’t work–the real Catherine would be bored with such a relationship–and since when do kids totally listen to their parents? With Catehrine’s personality she is definitely one who does what she wants—regardless of consequences. She thrives on adventure and danger.
        She needs to get back with Vincent instead of telling him all the time she loves Gabe—it’s so nonconvincing to any audience—and makes Cat’s character weak.

      2. VINCAT4evrsays:

        I miss Vin & Cat doing everything they can to protect/save each other like they did in Season 1. Gabe and Cat together is really not working for me. It’s not believable, they have no chemistry and I much rather watch VinCat together.

      3. Vin/ Cat 2says:

        I hope Vin and Cat get back together too—they are much more exciting to watch than Cat and Gabe. The latter a too boring–and not who the 1st season Cat would ever be attracted to!

    2. T Bennettsays:

      WOW! That was a mouthful. Kind of skimmed it. I think I agree,….maybe? I’m sure I do. Anyway, VinCat…..forever! Right?

      1. ions aresays:

        Sorry , it’s just people are hating on Vincent when he’s isn’t the bad guy in this mess. Sure he wasn’t acting all that great but considering that the changes in Vincent wasn’t his own doing and which is why Vincent deserves a hell of a lot of understanding and free pass to able to find his way back again . As far as Catherine goes their isn’t any excuse for her disgusting and disgraceful behavior towards Vincent because she acted as if Vincent asked for what her father did to him instead of being understand and patient and finding a really good caring ways to help Vincent with out acting unstable to be around. I can understand Catherine love Vincent and desperately wants Vincent back but at the same time she should of thought about Vincent feelings instead making things all about herself which Catherine have been doing before season two begins. In the entire season two of beauty and the beast Catherine haven’t treated Vincent good. Catherine have been an emotionally, abusive, manipulative bitch to Vincent. I mean Catherine constantly going to Vincent for help but but when gabe starting to bitch and complain about Vincent and Catherine life starts to get complicated by being around Vincent , Catherine is already gun blazing ready to kick Vincent to the curb like a yesterday’s trash. Another thing makes me not wanting Vincent back with Catherine is also because Catherine bitch to Vincent about him messing around with police work when her pathetic excuse of a cop is the one who constantly putting Vincent in on police work and now she constantly talking shot about how they need to do everything by the book and allowing the system do their jobs but it’s the same systems she is working for who she is keeping everything about the case she and tess and gabe are working on keeping out of the loops of what they are working on. Before the writers put Vincent back with Catherine they needs to desperately redeem Catherine character completely by kicking gabe curb and cutting ties with gabe completely and for ever while standing up for Vincent in a loving and amazing way and then I want Catherine to put her father in his place about Vincent and stand up proudly for Vincent while cutting all ties and contact with her father and then I want Catherine to go to Vincent boat house to apologize for giving the unfair harsh and nasty treatment for so long and for allowing others to disrespect him like that including herself and then the writers can put Vincent back with Catherine character and if they don’t do that , then I’m going to stop watching the show and not care if the show gets cancelled for good because I’m tired of writers writing innocent victims to looking like the villain while people like Catherine Chandler character who chooses to be with Vincent which means she also chooses his lifestyle and him being part beast and Catherine made the choice also to sacrifices everything for Vincent by herself and her own free will and who was warned not to by Vincent and everyone around her made to look like the victim by the writers and other’s instead of Vincent the true victim in this mess.

  2. Lindsay Sperlingsays:

    I love that people are so passionate about Beauty and the Beast! Crossing my fingers for a season 3!

  3. trueYellasays:

    I wonder if Catherine realizes that she’s a rebound.. MAJOR rebound. When Vincent’s ex came into his life, he dumped Catherine. When Tori came into Vincents life, he dumped her AGAIN. Once Vincent’s ex realized what he was, she didn’t want anything to do with him, so he went back to the rebound.. Catherine. When Tori died, Vincent suddenly ‘saw the light’ and figured out he needed to be with Catherine, BUT.. he only figured this out because Tori died. If Tori hadn’t died, then Vincent would still be with her! And even though Tori treated Catherine badly, Vincent STILL sided with her. Bottom line is… Catherine is a rebound idiot and I hope Gabe dumps her like a bad habit.

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