Beauty And The Beast Review: “Don’t Die On Me” (Season 2, Episode 9)



The part that really sucks though is that it isn’t Cat by his side when he does so. Instead, Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) has slid right into the substitute girlfriend position. Understandably she’s going through some abnormal changes in her own life – losing her father and realizing she is genetically a beast – but she seems incredibly at ease in her new role. Besides some residual conflicts with “beasting out,” making googly eyes at Vincent seems like the role of lifetime for this formerly sheltered young woman.

On the other hand, Cat isn’t exactly looking too alone herself. Waiting in the wings for a while now has been former-beast/assistant district attorney, Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy). I had my doubts about him given his sorted ‘take Vincent down at all costs’ past, but he’s really grown on me this season. His gestures, although over-the-top at times, seem to come from a genuine place.  I don’t think him and Cat are meant to be or anything, but I definitely think that the show is headed in that direction for at least a temporary interlude.

What’s a little more surprising is that Cat’s father is still willing to put himself on the line to protect her. Granted he’s her father, but I’m sure that eventually whoever put him in charge of the ‘extinct the beast’ project will come gunning for him. It’s possible that they’re even the same people behind hiring the team that went after Tori (led by former Teen Wolf actress, Haley Webb). What’s even more starling even is that an organization like the FBI wouldn’t have the forethought to change their secure pass codes after one of their own is arrested and being investigated for corruption. Although, I can’t imagine outside the realm of TV reality it would have ever been so easy for Gabe to just waltz in there either.

All of those minute details weaved into this episode of Beauty and the Beast almost fade into the background in the light of JT’s (Austin Basis) confession about his part in Vincent’s selection by Muirfield. It seems to me like an innocent enough mistake on his part, but he’s been living with the guilt of this secret for over a decade now and that’s what is going to cause the biggest rift between him and Vincent in upcoming episodes.

Whether or not the information comes out quickly or takes a back seat to all the media excitement, it looks like Vincent will have his fair share to deal with in the near future. Do you think he made the right call sticking around the hospital? How do you feel about Vincent and Cat going their separate romantic ways? Let us know in the comment section below!

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