Beauty And The Beast Review: “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” (Season 2, Episode 7)


Vincent is still trying to come to terms with the natural instincts stemming from his beast side, and trying to find the best way to interact with both sides of himself, without hurting the people he cares about – namely Cat. It’s hard to watch him try to reconcile why he can’t control his animal nature. At least we found out on tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Beast that his most recent episodes may not be completely his fault. I’m not sure if that excuses his brutal actions, but at least it puts them in context.

If all of the beasts that Vincent tracked exhibited a special ability – like Vincent being a walking lie detector – then it’s possible that Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) has one of her own, as well. I’d wager to say that it involves pheromones. The most exciting thing about this new plot twist is that she’s the first beast we’ve met that inherited her genes; her father was an experiment at Muirfield, not unlike Vincent. Her inner-beast is obviously a latent development since she is just now discovering this part of herself, but it also means that she has a chance to mold it like no one else has had.

Although Cat and Vincent have already had more than their fair share of problems with their relationship, it looks like Tori is going to be another one on that list. I don’t think she has malicious intent toward Cat, but at the same time she’s alone and scared, and probably doesn’t entirely know what’s happening to her. At least her father had the benefit of full-disclosure, Tori was just born in the wrong family.

Cat tends to excel in terms of leading young women out of disastrous situations, but things are already in murky territory. Although she may be able to empathize with Tori’s confusion, she probably wouldn’t be opposed to her fist accidentally hitting Tori’s jaw. It’ll be interesting to see how this most recent challenge effects the future of Cat and Vincent’s relationship, coupled with the interference from Agent Reynolds.

How would you like Tori’s character to develop of the next couple episodes? Do you think Cat still views Tori as an innocent victim after she caught her locking lips with Vincent? Let us know all your thoughts on this episode of Beauty and the Beast in the comment section below!