Beauty And The Beast Review: “Recipe For Disaster” (Season 2, Episode 12)



Anyone who’s accused Tori (Amber Skye Noyes) of being a buzz kill might be eating their words after tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Beast when she proved with her life that noble acts are not beyond her realm of thinking. There’s no doubt that fans who rallied behind Cat’s (Kristen Kreuk) new romance with Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) are shuttering after the events of Recipe for Disaster left Tori dead (at the hands of long-time beast hunters) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) back on the market. Now that he’s no longer under the influence of overpowering pheromones, it’s only a matter of time before he starts thinking clearly once again – and we all know where that will lead him.

Obviously Cat and Vincent are meant to be together, but in the meantime, watching Cat explore her other options (err, option really) hasn’t been the worst experience the writers behind Beauty and the Beast have put us through. Although, bearing witness to Cat’s ‘be the bigger person’ character traits envelope the episode with her friendly relationship advice for Vincent very well might make the BATB top 10 list of unnecessary moments.

It’s lovely to see these two working together, they make a great team (need an example? check out the entire first season), but realistically they only broke up about five minutes ago. Tori stole the love of Cat’s life and it wouldn’t hurt for her to have taken a moment to enjoy the fact that Vincent was having a bumpy go at moving on without her, instead of immediately jumping back into her predictable role as caretaker of everyone else’s emotions. Cat may have given him an ultimatum in the form of a gun pointed directly at him, but he had clearly already made his choice (or, Tori and her hormones made it for him). She may find herself regretting her forgive and forget attitude now that she’s lost that foot to stand on.

Tori going out all self-sacrificing really puts a damper in Cat’s plans to move on. Sure, she can still date someone else, but seriously, who can compete with the man that she spent many sleepless months tracking down after he was abducted last Spring? A man that saved her life more times than Beauty and the Beast has episodes remaining this season. A man that she has risked everything (including things that didn’t belong to her) to protect. There may be pieces of their history that are less than glamorous, but ultimately (and especially), now that he’s lost Tori, Cat and her overwhelming compassion will keep her from following through with any of her well-intentioned plans.

On top of that, she still has a case to close. The gem may have been taken out of play, but Agent Landon (Elisabeth Rohm) isn’t going to let this new antagonist get away with what he’s done. It’s one thing to think someone you love is dead, even without knowing the who and why of the situation, but finding out that instead the person you love has been a prisoner (assuming there isn’t more than meets the eye) is another thing altogether. Landon recruited Cat and her team to find out who did this and this new revelation will only fuel her intention to find the answer – even if what she discovers isn’t exactly what she might have expected.

What do you think about Landon’s husband being alive after all these years – are you elated for her luck or suspicious of it? How long do you predict before Vincent wins Cat back? Let us know all your theories on Beauty and the Beast in the comment section below!

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