Beauty And The Beast Review: “Reunion” (Season 2, Episode 5)


When my 10-year reunion came along this past June, I opted for a weekend in Vegas instead. Even though I wasn’t around for the festivities, I’m pretty confident that none of my classmates turned out to look anything like the ladies on tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Beast.

As they sat around sipping wine and making comments about the size of Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) waist, I couldn’t help but notice that besides the super pregnant friend, they all seemed to share equally tiny midsections. And, to be honest, if I could have expected everyone at my reunion to look that good, I may have reconsidered the placement of my check mark on the RSVP card.

If only good looks were the biggest thing Cat had to worry about while attending this milestone occasion. As per usual, nothing in Cat’s life is as simple as it should be. From dating to having a “normal” life, Cat is still looking for a middle ground. So, it had to be a harsh wake up call for her to see all of her old friends living fulfilling lives that didn’t involve a constant array of lies or police cover ups.

Her pre-girls’ night declaration to Vincent (Jay Ryan) left those thoughts hanging in the air in a very ‘read between the lines’ type of way. Although her words may have turned out to be hollow, since she ended up needing him to crash her reunion and save her, it was still pretty bold and extremely commendable, all the same.

Cat has given up a lot of her life to be with Vincent since they officially became acquainted. The first season of Beauty and the Beast is littered with exemplar moments where she is forced over and over again to choose keeping Vincent’s secret over everything else, regardless of the risk it posed to her personally or professionally. The efforts involved with re-establishing that kind of all or nothing relationship has been intense, to say the least. She’s on the verge of forgetting the very basics that make Cat, Cat.

I’d like to say that Cat without Vincent is just pointless, but watching her actually attempt to enjoy herself sans her very handsome other half, had its perks. She deserves a chance to be the hero of her own story. When Vincent is around, he’s usually the one to rescue her with his physical prowess and it tends to overshadow her other attributes.

Cat isn’t exactly your everyday damsel in distress. When she finds herself in peril, it’s usually because she’s up against an opponent that has a super-human genetic boost (normal guys don’t really stand a chance). No one expects her to be able to physically best a beast, but she does outsmart them in her own way. After all, brute strength isn’t the only way to prove you’re strong.

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