Beauty And The Beast Season 3 Review

Lindsay Sperling

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On June 11, 2015
Last modified:June 15, 2015


Beauty and the Beast returns for its third season and the stakes have reached a new level right along with Kat and Vincent's relationship.

Beauty And The Beast Season 3 Review


This review is based on the first two episodes.

Beauty and the Beast started off with a clear cut mission – save Vincent (Jay Ryan) from his unpredictable beast-infused self. As the narrative evolved and Vincent became both hero and victim in a multitude of ways, the writers took fans on a roundabout journey guided by Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) romantic entanglement with his character and her convenient position as a police detective. Although his beast side is still in tact after a series of near misses with potential antidotes, the writers have essentially given him a full pardon and put him squarely on the side of the do-gooders as he reenters the realm of living a “normal life.”

No longer does Cat have to concern herself with the ramifications of his violent outbursts, for the most part, now they have other concerns. With Muirfield out of the picture, who has stepped in to fill their vast secret government agency shoes? This leads us to the overarching premise of season three.

With Vincent’s origin story largely revealed, the writers have veered away from some of the old storylines and brought in what appears to be a new antagonist. There’s always the possibility that a recycled villain will be behind the current turmoil, but it seems like an unlikely choice. Historically, the mastermind behind creating beasts has had some sort of science background, so fans can assume that this case will be similar, with a potential government alliance.

There were also some notable differences in the aesthetics of the latest beast. In the season three premiere of Beauty and the Beast, you’ll notice that there are almost no physical signs besides the increase in strength and agility, and glazed over eyes. This is unlike Vincent or any of the other past beasts who undergo a noticeable transition each time they beast out.