Who Is The Beekeeper In Wandavision?


WandaVision gave fans their first taste of what characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their own television series airing on Disney Plus.

When the show debuted, Disney dropped back-to-back episodes giving viewers more than enough to become enthralled with the show’s plot and leaving plenty of mysteries to be unraveled in the coming episodes.

One of the biggest mysterious came at the end of episode two. In its final scene, Wanda and Vision are standing outside their home when they see a mysterious man emerge from a manhole in the center of their suburban street. Upon exiting, we see this individual wearing what looks to be a beekeepers outfit, standing out amongst the 80’s themed backdrop the show had established through the episode.

While Vision is confused by the man’s appearance, Wanda instead has a look of shock and proceeds to speak to the man simply saying “no” before the episode cuts to credits.

At the time this mystery man came out of the blue and set the precedent for things to come, but fortunately, since the show is now complete we know exactly where this man came from and who he is.

Who is the Beekeeper in WandaVision?

In episode four it is established that the place where the show takes place—the town of Westview, New Jersey—is in fact being altered with Wanda’s magic to look and act like the ideal place for her and Vision to start a family.

This area is surrounded by a forcefield of magic that, when crossed, changes the appearance and in some cases the personality of the individuals it captures.

As part of recon on Wanda and the other citizens of Westview, the Beekeeper was sent in through an underground tunnel wearing a hazmat suit, however, when he passes the forcefield of Wanda’s magic his outfit is transformed into a beekeeper’s.

The individual inside the suit is Agent Franklin. While not a whole lot is known about this agent, he is a member of S.W.O.R.D, the organization set up by Nick Fury after the fall of S.H.I.E.l.D.

Outside the forcefield, the other agents attempted to pull Franklin out through the cable attached to his suit. But when he crossed the threshold into Wanda’s magic, the attached cable became a skipping rope.

Over the remainder of WandaVision’s episodes, the wardrobe Agent Franklin takes on isn’t explicitly stated. But, like other citizens caught in the magic, it is likely he assumed a role as a member of the town.