Behold The New Trailer For Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena

Starz has released a new trailer for their upcoming show, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. The show will act as a mini-series and prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Due to star Andy Whitfield’s health problems, the second season of Blood and Sand was pushed back. In its place, Starz is putting out Gods of the Arena, so fans won’t be left out in the cold.

While it’s upsetting that Whitfield won’t be in this one, the show does look like it’s going to continue on with the look and feel of Blood and Sand, which is a good thing. Most of the characters from Blood and Sand will return and despite being a mini-series/prequel, it seems as if it’ll be very similar to Blood and Sand, minus the presence of Whitfield.

Having loved Spartacus: Blood and Sand, I’ll surely be watching this, while I’m eagerly anticipating the second season of Blood and Sand.