A Beloved Show Is Leaving Netflix Next Month, Likely Going To Disney+

Once Upon A Time

Joining a list of Disney-owned titles that are being removed from other platforms, Once Upon a Time will be leaving Netflix on September 6th. Although nothing’s been confirmed yet as to where it will land, the show is most likely going over to Disney Plus, given the corporate relationship between the series and the Mouse House. This means that anyone catching up on the fairy tale-themed program doesn’t have long to finish up if they only have Netflix.

Once Upon a Time ran on ABC between 2011 and 2018, amassing seven seasons and 155 episodes. The show primarily explores the lives of Disney-owned characters and other figures from mythology and folklore, with echoes of comics such as Fables. Over time, the series also dropped in the likes of Elsa from Frozen to build on its existing catalogue of famous names.

Indeed, Once Upon a Time was successful enough for ABC to order a spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, although this only lasted for a single block of episodes. Fans of the original series have been able to enjoy episodes on Netflix since 2013, with new seasons being put on the service after their original broadcasts. The shift to Disney Plus in the US now appears to be inevitable, given that the UK version of the service is getting it in August.

Once Upon A Time

International Netflix subscribers don’t have to worry, though, as Once Upon a Time is not planned to leave key markets like Canada, Latin America, and South Korea anytime soon. If the show does arrive on Disney Plus though, it’ll boost the streamer’s library at a time when their original productions remain pretty thin. Other recent deals for the platform include a collection of X-Men content, as well as classics like Dinosaurs. With Mulan also set to premiere as a PVOD option on D+, competition for home viewers will only increase as we head into the fall.

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