Bendict Cumberbatch Supports Having A Female Doctor And Sherlock


Since Jodie Whittaker was shockingly cast as the first ever female Doctor in July, we’ve heard various – nearly always positive – comments about it from previous Doctor Who stars. Now, however, it’s time we heard what that other sci-fi hero who claims to have a PhD has to say on the matter. Namely, Marvel’s Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Radio Times reports that the Sherlock star fully supports the idea of the Time Lord regenerating into a woman. Though he claims not to be an obsessive fan of the show, he doesn’t see any objection and looks forward to finding out what the actress brings to the part:

“It’s an alien – why can’t it be a woman? Why can’t it be any gender? I don’t speak as someone who has the right as a fan to have an incredibly strong opinion. I just speak as someone who wants to see Jodie Whittaker’s performance as the Doctor. I think she’s an extraordinary actress and we’re lucky culturally to have got her to agree to do it, let alone any debate ensuing about whether it was right or wrong. Just go for it – let’s see what happens.”

Continuing on, the actor was asked about his thoughts on having a female Sherlock, and seems to be totally on board with it as well, saying: “Why not? I don’t care. ‘Sherlockina’ is coming to you soon.”

Before being catapulted into global fame in the aforementioned BBC detective drama, Cumberbatch was himself encouraged to audition for the part of the Doctor – by his friend David Tennant no less. He once told The Sun the following:

“David and I talked about it but I thought it would have to be radically different. And anyway I didn’t really like the whole package – being on school lunchboxes.”

Thankfully, fans of both Doctor Who and Cumberbatch don’t have to wait long until they get their next fix. The actor returns to the BBC quite soon for The Child in Time, arriving on September 28th. Jodie Whittaker, meanwhile, will make her Doctor Who debut in the Christmas special, “Twice Upon A Time.”