Benedict Cumberbatch Developing Patrick Melrose Season 2

Patrick Melrose

2018’s Patrick Melrose was originally conceived as a five-part limited series but star Benedict Cumberbatch and the production team are working on a way to continue the story of the titular anti-hero for a second season.

Based on the novels by Edward St. Aubyn, Patrick Melrose focused on the very troubled life of Cumberbatch’s character, with the non-linear narrative exploring his tragic childhood trapped with an abusive father, the life-threatening addictions of his tearaway twenties and the process of healing he began to go through as a family man in his middle years. There’s more of Melrose’s life to cover, then, but the plots of St. Aubyn’s five books have already been used up.

Exec producers Rachael Horovitz and Michael Jackson told Deadline that various storylines are being batted around at this stage, but the final say will come from creator Edward St. Aubyn.

 “Our collective passion for Teddy’s novels and the joyful experience of making this series with [Cumberbatch’s production company] SunnyMarch, [director] Edward Berger and [screenwriter] David Nicholls has naturally led us all to discussions of what we could do in the future. Ideas have ranged from a leap forward in Patrick’s life to a series covering his ‘lost years’ in New York. Teddy St Aubyn will be the one to decide and we look forward to his inspiration.”

Though heavily fictionalized, the story of Patrick Melrose is semi-autobiographical as St. Aubyn based many of his character’s life experiences on his own. So, it’s no surprise that the author will be heavily involved in any attempt to further Melrose’s tale.

Patrick Melrose earned rave reviews when it aired on Showtime and Sky Atlantic (in the UK) last year. It also garnered five nominations at the Emmys and won two BAFTAS – for Best Mini-series and Best Actor for Cumberbatch, respectively. Speaking after his win on the night, the star made it clear that he would like to play the part again, saying:

 “[Patrick Melrose] was condensed brilliantly on both sides of the book and the screenplay, an incredible director, a fantastic producing team, and a family of [heads of department] and cast that you really couldn’t repeat, although we’d like to,”

As we await news on Patrick Melrose season 2, Benedict Cumberbatch’s upcoming projects include spy biopic Ironbark and Sam Mendes’ war drama 1917. Also, be sure to listen out for his cameo as Satan in Amazon’s Good Omens