Billy Crystal Spoofs Westworld In New Funny Or Die Skit

HBO struck gold last year when they brought us Westworld. Based on the 1973 film of the same name, it met, and soared past, all expectations, giving us a brilliant, thought provoking and compelling new television show to sink our teeth into. Full of tour de force performances, truly jaw dropping twists and more than enough mysteries to keep us tuning in week after week, it quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.

Now, even two months after its first season concluded, it’s still staying relevant and making headlines. Just take a look at Funny or Die’s latest skit for proof of that, as it features City Slickers stars Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern reprising their roles to spoof HBO’s newest smash hit. As expected, the results are hilarious and if you’re a fan of either the aforementioned actors, their classic film or Westworld, it’s well worth a watch.

Mitch Robbins (Crystal) and Phil Berquist (Stern) are the focus of the video, as they’re hosts in the titular theme park. When the former starts to malfunction, Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth, who’s the butt of one the best jokes) is called in to get to the bottom of it. He’s not the only Westworld character to show up here, however, as a few more familiar faces make an appearance as well.

Overall, it’s a very amusing skit that fans of both City Slickers and Westworld will no doubt enjoy. It also makes the wait for more of the latter just a little bit more bearable. After all, HBO has said that the sci-fi series won’t return to television until 2018, at the earliest, so we’ve got a ways to go before we get to revisit the theme park again. We’ll be patiently waiting though until Westworld returns, pondering the many mysteries that the explosive season 1 finale left us with last year.