Black Bolt And Lockjaw Spotted On The Set Of Marvel’s Inhumans

Marvel has started shooting Inhumans in Hawaii and the first photos from the set of the highly anticipated TV series have surfaced today. They feature some pretty massive reveals, too, as we get a first look at both Anson Mount suited up as Black Bolt alongside the giant teleporting dog Lockjaw. If you’re wondering why he’s bright blue, it’s not because he’s been given a new look; this is simply a CGI stand-in.

What these photos do confirm is that Lockjaw will resemble his comic book counterpart in terms of size and appearance, something which should make fans of Inhumans very happy. Less pleasing though is the sight of Black Bolt without his familiar costume or mask. It’s possible that this is the character’s casual wear and that he’ll have some sort of battle suit for when the royal family heads into action, but it’s equally as likely that Marvel has done away with the mask and spandex. After all, does a King really need to hide his face from the public?

The suit here still pays homage to Black Bolt’s comic book appearance, but it’s a look which wouldn’t seem out of place in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that’s a little worrying considering the fact that IMAX is supposed to be spending a lot of money on Inhumans to make it visually impressive and stand out from other shows in the genre.

We’ll have to wait and see everything turns out, but now that these photos are out in the wild, Marvel will hopefully reveal some official ones sooner rather than later, especially now that the full cast for Inhumans has been revealed.