Black Mirror Season 3 Trailer Presents 6 New Realities


Black Mirror fans have a lot to look forward to this year. At least, if this newly released trailer for season 3 is anything to go by. Arriving with six new episodes and a star studded roster both in front of and behind the camera, it’s clear that creator Charlie Brooker has not missed a step with the show’s latest outing, and we’ve no doubt that the new season will be, once again, unforgettable.

As for this first trailer, it serves as a perfect taste of what’s to come for Black Mirror, teasing a brilliant set of stories that span several different genres yet all share one common theme: technology. With directors like Joe Wright and Dan Trachtenberg behind the camera, and actors such as Bryce Dallas Howard and Mackenzie Davis in front, rest assured that the series is in good hands this year.

For more on what to expect, you can check out a synopsis of each of the six episodes below, courtesy of /Film.

  • Nosedive”: Joe Wright‘s episode is a social satire set in a world where citizens are constantly ranking each other (think Instagram or Facebook plus Uber’s ratings system). Bryce Dallas Howard stars as an eager-to-please woman who is desperate to get her stats up.
  • “Men Against Fire”: A military horror-thriller set in a post-war future, this one follows a rookie soldier (Malachi Kirby) stationed overseas, where he protects villagers from feral mutants. Directed by Jakob Verbruggen.
  • “San Junipero”: Directed by Owen Harris, “San Junipero” follows the unlikely encounter between two women (Mackenzie Davis andGugu Mbatha-Raw) in a 1980s party town.
  • “Shut Up and Dance”: James Watkins directs the “kitchen sink nightmarish thriller” about a young man (Alex Lawther) who’s forced into an online trap.
  • “Playtest”: Dan Trachtenberg‘s episode stars Wyatt Russell as a thrill-seeker who tries out a bit of cutting-edge video technology.
  • “Hated in the Nation”: This crime drama episode clocks in at 90 minutes, a first for the show. Kelly Macdonald plays a police detective who investigates a string of murders linked together by social media. Directed by James Hawes.

Black Mirror will premiere its third season on Netflix on October 21st. Tell us, which episode are you most looking forward to?