Black Sails Review “III.” (Season 1 Episode 3)


Another week of Black Sails, and another week not any closer than we were before to treasure, freedom and fame. At this point, the series’ trailer and entire first episode feel like one deflating bait and switch. Isn’t it hilarious how nearly every advert for Black Sails – be it on Starz or any other channel – makes it a point to have the money shot showcase Captain Flint in episode one, trembling while rising up from his knees, with blood smeared over his mouth?

That’s the show people want to watch. But instead of a series featuring pirates plundering ships and seeking their claim to a legacy, what we get is a show where various characters get together and bond/plot behind each other’s backs about how they’re on the cusp of becoming Kings of the New World. Now, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but you need interesting characters and sharp writing to bring a sense of intensity and mystery. And unfortunately for Black Sails, the writing only declines further each week, with far less interesting plot threads continuing to be introduced.

Let’s begin on a positive note though; the cliffhanger ending to last week’s episode introduced us to a woman that is clearly important to Captain Flint. Episode three picks up on the morning after the night that episode 2 ended on, revealing this woman to be Miranda. There isn’t really much to discern yet other than the fact that they are on the same side, but the vibe the show seems to be sending is that they are lovers. Hopefully this will be explored further in future episodes.

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